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Get better. Faster.

Discover simple, practical, and evidence based meditation skills to free yourself from triggers today and every day.

Triggered and reactive? Feeling isolated and alone? Here's the Guide to transforming PTSD with fundamental meditation skills.

Here are the transformations that can happen:

  • release triggers and live in a calmer body 
  • dissolve reactivity into reflective attention 
  • come out of isolation into healthy connection 
  • disorganized inner life into putting pieces together 
  • overwhelm into manageable pieces 
  • feeling lost into belonging 
  • hopelessness into trust 
  • defended into exploring  
  • collapsing into safely stretching out of comfort zone 
  • shut down into safe emotional awareness 
  • resistance into trusting yourself, your instincts & motivation 
  • feeling like a loser into knowing 
  • feeling like a loser into knowing your own value & contribution 
  • feeling like a failure into knowing mistakes arise as guidance 
  • confusion into step by step ways to get where you want to go 
  • conflict into repair and fulfilling relationships