Create strategies to shift from insecure attachment patterns into a solid, secure, steady self

Introduction to Embodying Attachment 

Building a Solid, Steady, Secure Self

with Deirdre Fay, LICSW

A Virtual Workshop to Cultivate an UnShakeable Core

Friday, March 20, 2020

9:00am to 4:15pm Eastern

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Deirdre Fay is the author of Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation (Norton, 2017) as well as the founder of the Becoming Safely Embodied Skills (Manual was published in 2007). In addition, Deirdre is a co-author of Attachment Disturbances in Adults (Norton, 2016).

"If I'm wired to connect how come I still feel empty and alone?"

One of the main reasons post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t resolve is due to the underlying, unresolved attachment issues. Our bodies, minds, and hearts are wired to connect. When connection(s) are broken, or betrayed, especially while growing up, our client's internal patterns become disorganized, remaining that way despite how our client appears externally.  

Research indicates that one in four people has a secure attachment style (Brown, Elliott, et al, 2016). Which means that three out of four, have insecure attachment styles. While that sounds daunting the good news is attachment patterns can be changed. To help ourselves (and our clients if we are helping professionals) heal, we need to not only have cognitive understanding of attachment patterns but more importantly, know how to deal with the non-narrative imprinting that happens before the brain is fully formed.  

This experiential workshop will be designed to give you the attachment theory in an easy to understand way so that laypeople can use in their daily lives and therapists can apply that in their clinical settings.  

Recently a therapist wrote me the following, "I’ve had therapy, read books, etc but this is a portable way for me to not get hijacked into rumination and lost in the world of hurt. I’m teaching it to all my clients! I know different practices resonate more with different people but this one is my go to." These are the simple and utterly practical skills you'll learn in the workshop. 

Bowlby and Ainsworth saw the ability to use attachment figures as a secure base giving a felt experience of both a safe haven and also providing the confidence necessary to explore and master our client's ordinary environments. Utilizing attachment theory facilitates creating a safe container for ourselves and our clients to make sense of the confusing internal world, separating past from the present.

Pulling directly from Bowlby’s radical reconceptualization of neediness as a precursor of curiosity, exploration, and ultimately competence in fully being engaged in the environment we’ll celebrate the fundamental needs and longings that urge us toward a more satisfying environment. We’ll use the ancient wisdom traditions and their penetrating knowledge of neediness and longing as fundamental resources for our own and/or our clients' healing. The opposite is spiraling into shame cycles. 

To alter the non-narrative cycles we’ll explore how Bowlby’s concept of internal working model, a mental representation, can be changed earning ourselves and/or our clients a felt sense of secure attachment. These consolidated implicit patterns get embodied without a narrative making it difficult to shift. Cultivating kindness, mindfulness, and developing attachment language provides a therapeutic map to remap what relationship researcher John Gottman clinically describes as our “perpetual problems.”  

Description of the workshop

This training arises from Deirdre's work over the past thirty years in integrating trauma treatment and attachment theory, exploring neuroscience to aid in clients becoming safer in the body, embodying a secure inner sense of self. Her focus has been helping clients link implicit memory with present reality so memory consolidation takes place while at the same time creating an inner structure for more satisfying connections with self and others. This virtual workshop is appropriate for both the layperson as well as the helping professional.

Learning Objectives

There are 6 optional Continuing Education units available and INCLUDED in workshop price for those who attend the virtual workshop in its entirety

Participants will be able to....

1. Explain how Bowlby's Internal Working Model forms client's attachment representation 2. Identify the Seven Foundational Needs of Secure Attachment 3. Describe Bowlby and Robertson's research on Separation Distress 4. Utilize increased mindfulness-based dual awareness in clients to decrease client's fears of inner experience 5. Explain our evolutionary negativity bias and how to cultivate an embodied positivity bias to regulate autonomic arousal and affect dysregulaton as it relates to clinical treatment 6. Utilize somatic practices for clients to embed new neural pathways and improve treatment outcomes 7. Describe pathway to change based on attachment theory 8. Assess self-compassion practices to increase resilience in clients 9. Employ language of parts, mindfulness strategies, unblending techniques to alleviate shame, anxiety, despair 10. Utilize somatic, visualization, and ego-state techniques to transform attachment representation in clients 11. Utilize client's microsecond responses to unexpected and unwanted relational/interpersonal events 12 Describe clinical strategies to foster 'earned' secure attachment in a clinical setting  

"Deirdre's courses have changed the way I work with clients. All the training I've done with her has been life-affirming especially as I see my clients change and become more alive in the world. It's very satisfying to see this happening in my clients and to be a part of the process." 

~ Dr. Jennifer Salzberger

Training Outline

  • Theoretical input on attachment theory and it's practical clinical applications
  • Step by step protocol along with plenty of time for questions and answers directly relevent to your situation
  • Live demonstrations
  • Practicum
  • Questions and discussion of clinical application including case consultation

"Training with Deirdre has been instrumental in developing an attachment oriented practice. Her simple somatic movements helps my clients release the trigger and develop an 'earned' secure attachment."

~Ryan Chandler, LCSW 

"I wanted to let you know what one of my clients with an eating disorder told me recently, 'Having struggled for years with depression, anxiety, CPTSD, suicide attempts and severe dissociation, this is the first time in nearly 17 years of struggling that I am finding my way through.' Thank you for all the support, wisdom, and teaching you're doing with us. I wanted you to hear what a difference this is making on the front lines!"

~Carol Lee, LCSW

Workshop Leader

Deirdre Fay, LICSW [bio]

Deirdre Fay, LICSW has decades of experience exploring the intersection of trauma, attachment, yoga and meditation. Having meditated since the 70’s and lived in a yoga ashram for six years in the 80’s and 90s Deirdre brings a unique perspective to being in the body. In the 90’s Deirdre was asked to teach yoga and meditation to those on the dissociative unit at McLean Hospital. Having amassed skill sets in trauma treatment (as a supervisor under the guidance of Bessel van der Kolk at the Trauma Center), attachment theory (13 years of training with Daniel Brown), body therapy (as a trainer in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy) Deirdre now teaches an integrative approach which Chris Germer calls “a radically positive approach to healing trauma.” Deirdre founded the Becoming Safely Embodied skills groups and is the author of Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery (W.W. Norton, 2017), Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Manual (2007), and co-author of Attachment Disturbances for Adults (W.W. Norton, 2016) as well as the co-author of chapters in Neurobiological Treatments of Traumatic Dissociation.

""Deirdre Fay is the real deal. Her compassion and steadiness radiate and heal simply by being. 

In addition, the practices she's created are inspired, deep, simple to learn, and highly effective. It's no small feat in our world to heal, and earn secure attachment and safe embodiment. 

Deirdre has both fiercely and gently carved out that path, and guides us all down it -- truly embodying the bodhisattva. 

Deep gratitude to you, Deirdre, and excitement for more learning in the years ahead!" -Mary Hartley Platt 

Zen teacher 

 "This work is profoundly subtle and powerful. The training deepened my knowledge of attachment repair to a more heartfelt level. Learning how to change attachment patterns from a “felt” experience has been both personally and professionally beneficial. Deirdre’s masterful guidance enables a safe holding environment for learning and for personal growth. The material marinates and the shift toward our natural state of being unfolds as the old embedded attachment pattern changes. Remarkable depth work."

Celia Grand, LICSW

"This work with Deirdre has created a different process is inside me now that I can now use with clients. It's been through transforming stuck patterns and healing attachment wounds that I've been pesonally impacted - and my clients are the true beneficiaries. It has been profound and I am deeply grateful.."

Jeri Schroeder, LICSW Portland, Maine

Who would benefit from this course?

This Intermediate Level workshop is suitable for laypeople as well as clinicians interested in developing somatic ways to integrate attachment theory in their clinical practices

Social Workers, Counselors, Family Therapists Psychotherapists, Mental Health Professionals, 

Body oriented therapists, Acupuncturists, Physicians, Nurses, Educators/Teachers