Embodied Attachment Introduction: 

Transform stuck patterns into life affirming connections integrating wisdom traditions of yoga and meditation

with Deirdre Fay, LICSW

Ever wonder about this?

If I'm wired to connect how come I still feel empty and alone?

One of the main reasons post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t resolve is due to the underlying, unresolved attachment issues. Our bodies, minds, and hearts are wired to connect. When connection(s) are broken, or betrayed, especially while growing up the internal patterns become disorganized, remaining that way despite how one appears externally. 

Research indicates that one in four people has a secure attachment style (Brown, Elliott, et al, 2016). Which means that the rest, three out of four, have insecure attachment styles. While that sounds daunting the good news is attachment patterns can be changed. To do this we need to not only have cognitive understanding of attachment patterns but more importantly, know how to deal with the non-narrative imprinting that happens before the brain is fully formed. 

This experiential workshop will be designed to give you the attachment theory in an easy to understand way. More importantly you’ll learn strategies and practices to use with your clients the day you return to work.  

Learn how fundamental attachment patterns are imprinted

Practice accessing Embodied Movements of Attachment 

Explore Six Foundations of Secure Embodied Attachment

Explore ways to Demystifying Therapeutic Impasses in Attachment

Embodied Attachment

This experiential workshop gives you the basics in transforming stuck attachment patterns into more life-affirming and nourishing connections

Non-narrative imprinting

Attachment patterns are laid down before there is narrative understanding

Internal Working Model

Relational Episodes, when chronic and unrepaired, create a template for future relationships

Why do I always end up stuck, with the same person or situation?

Safe group container facilitates respectful exploration

Learn embodied practics that befriend resistance

"Radically positive approach to healing trauma" ~ Chris Germer

Optimize Your Clinical Practice

Workshop Objectives

1. Explain how attachment patterns are non-narrative, encoded as an Internal Working Model 

2. Identify the Six Foundational Functions of Secure Attachment 

3. Describe and apply strategies to move from protest to Nourishing Opposites 

4. Learn a step-by-step map to change attachment patterns 

5. Explain our evolutionary negativity bias and how to cultivate an embodied positivity bias 

6. Embed new neural pathways with simple embodied approaches 

7. Cultivate a transformational approach to PTSD 

Birmingham, UK October, 2018

Keynote at Compassionate Mind Conference

Upcoming Workshops

Cork, Ireland earl7 2018

Three day workshop including Becoming Safely Embodied Skills

France, 2018

Still being scheduled

Workshop Leader

Deirdre Fay, LICSW

Deirdre Fay, LICSW has decades of experience exploring the intersection of trauma, attachment, yoga and meditation. Having meditated since the 70’s and lived in a yoga ashram for six years in the 80’s and 90s Deirdre brings a unique perspective to being in the body. In the 90’s Deirdre was asked to teach yoga and meditation to those on the dissociative unit at McLean Hospital. Having amassed skill sets in trauma treatment (as a supervisor under the guidance of Bessel van der Kolk at the Trauma Center), attachment theory (13 years of training with Daniel Brown), body therapy (as a trainer in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy) Deirdre now teaches an integrative approach which Chris Germer calls “a radically positive approach to healing trauma.” Deirdre founded the Becoming Safely Embodied skills groups and is the author of Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery (W.W. Norton, 2017), Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Manual (2007), and co-author of Attachment Disturbances for Adults (W.W. Norton, 2016) as well as the co-author of chapters in Neurobiological Treatments of Traumatic Dissociation


Subtle, powerful change

"This work is profoundly subtle and powerful. The training deepened my knowledge of attachment repair to a more heartfelt level. Learning how to change attachment patterns from a “felt” experience has been both personally and professionally beneficial. Deirdre’s masterful guidance enables a safe holding environment for learning and for personal growth. The material marinates and the shift toward our natural state of being unfolds as the old embedded attachment pattern changes. Remarkable depth work."


Profound and deeply grateful

"My back is warmed by the sun, and a slight sea breeze whispers over my face. The trees have painted the forefront of the landscape with shades of green that come with spring. I weave my way through a path catching glimpses of babies' faces and delighted dogs. As I approach the baseball field where the very young girls and boys are making their way around the bases and the sidewalk is filled with families, I pause. Waves of memories wash over me, my body smiles with sensation and I breath with and into all of this. Slowly the intensity subsides and I notice there is no sadness or gripping to hold on to any of this and no fear that it will never return. A different process is inside me now. This is how working with Deirdre in transforming stuck patterns and healing attachment wounds has impacted me personally. It has been profound and I am deeply grateful.."