Meditations & Practices

Soothing Rhythm Breath


This guided audio of the Soothing Rhythm Breathing practice comes from the work of Compassion Focused Therapy Founder Paul Gilbert. Other traditions have similar practices. Overall, this is scientifically validated as a practice that can cultivate a calmer body, mind, and heart. 


Six Sides of the Breath


This practice is one of many to train the mind to focus – to stabilize. So when something is overwhelming we can practice bringing our mind to the simple mechanics of the breath.

Modified Half Archer


This practice is one people have used daily for years to embody what they’re reaching for. I’ve led it at workshops, trainings, and keynotes at conferences and universities. It is about creating an embodied connection with your own deepest longing. Over and over people tell me it is one of the most inspiring and transformational meditations/exercises that they've done. In addition to a recording of me leading the Modified Half Archer meditation at a live workshop, there is also an audio version as well as an audio download.

Progressive Relaxation


Step by step, this audio meditation invites your body to ease, muscle group by muscle group. The principle of progressive relaxation is validated by study after study.

Anjali Mudra


Anjali Mudra is one of Deirdre's most sought-after meditations.

This practice is designed to bring different parts of us, different experiences into an integrated dialogue while staying connected to the heart.

What Others Are Saying

Thanks for the training!

Thanks for your books and courses that fuel my training, powering a continual stream of inspiration. I recently used some of the exercises from them with a couple clients. They were great! I'm now having clients come back more steady. Ready to engage more fully in their own therapy. 

Janet Thorpe

Wow. Just...WOW.

I'm revisiting practices from a recent retreat I did with you and wow. The power of it didn't fully hit me until now. Doing the exercise agin dropped the disturbance immediately and dramatically. I'm busy sharing it with all my clients! Thank you. I cherish that you have given me tools to assit me on the journey of healing. 

Marla Anatoli

  ""Deirdre Fay is the real deal. Her compassion and steadiness radiate and heal simply by being. In addition, the practices she's created are inspired, deep, simple to learn, and highly effective. It's no small feat in our world to heal, and earn secure attachment and safe embodiment. Deirdre has both fiercely and gently carved out that path, and guides us all down it -- truly embodying the bodhisattva. Deep gratitude to you, Deirdre, and excitement for more learning in the years ahead!" -Mary Hartley Platt Zen teacher 

Expressing my gratitude

Wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for these courses. You've introduced us to some great tools that really work for me. It seems you have scanned the worlds of psychology, spirituality, neurology, etc. and have mined that which is most helpful for healing to create this wonderful toolbag. I am very grateful that you have chosen to share it with all of us. Especially because you are such a living embodiment of the work! I could hear and feel your presence and kind attention on the calls, coming from your heartfelt center. It's what I've been aspiring to for so long. So you are inspiring!

Arlene Santos

What I do with your audios...

Quick note of thanks! I have your audios in my itunes, so I just let them continue playing, one after the other, listening as I work, as I drive around. It's a really good way to stay centered in what I want to do, who I want to be. I pause what I'm doing and do the small practices -- and then get back to what I was doing, more grounded, clear, and able to focus. I should also add that my husband is really grateful to you as well! He's seeing the impact this work as on me and how I be with him. Best help I've had yet! Thank you!!!

Kim and Adam

Hi there, I'm Deirdre 

If you ask me what I love doing, I’ll tell you it’s transforming the theory of healing trauma and attachment wounds into engaging, practical, step-by-step tools for you to enjoy being in your body and in your life. I love creating from the heart. Plus, I'm always integrating what I learn from you to develop new content. Seeing you grow, develop and flourish allows me to experience the world becoming a better place. One step at a time, we'll all get there!